Thursday, August 10, 2006

Taking it Easy

I'm home sick from work today, getting a chance to blog from here. I'm going to take it easy and get over whatever sinus thing that's got me.

I never really mentioned the problem we had with Skie the kitten over the weekend. He got really lethargic and sleepy Sunday and Monday and just wouldn't move much. He would eat fine if placed in front of his bowl and otherwise looked and sounded healthy, just like he was totally depressed or wiped out. Took him to the vet Tuesday to find out he had a virus - they're thinking it was taxoplasmosis, which is a respitory disease humans can get, too, which is especially dangerous to pregnant women and is carried by cats. So he's gotten antibiotics and perked right back up yesterday... we'll know the blood test results tomorrow.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Self-Portrait Challenge photos - they're a blast to take.

There's not much blog-worthy these days without dipping into current events, which I don't want to do.

Suffice to say this person is leaving my office tomorrow for good and I'm pretty bummed. I've worked fairly closely with her since I started my job (and have known her for several years before that) and I'll miss her a lot.

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