Thursday, December 22, 2005

We Are The Champions - Almost

Ok, taking a quiet moment to brag on myself.

I've played Fantasy Baseball and Football on Yahoo for 5 years now, and never before have I lasted so long in the tournaments.

I'm in three football leagues this fall. One with myself, Laura, my dad, my uncle, my brother and his girlfriend, and several others including some RTB'ers - well, I'm in the semifinals on that one. A win this week and I play in the championship game next week. Unfortunately, Laura came pretty close in her first year playing but didn't quite make it past this week's game. I was lucky to make it in the playoffs, finishing in 5th place but am working my way toward the title.

The second league is a public, anonymous league that you're placed in with 11 other randomly selected players. I finished the season in 1st place and we're playing our finals this week.

The final league is one I've been in for years now, representing the UT Vols with 11 other fans of the SEC teams, one apiece. I finished 3rd in the regular season, and am playing Alabama for the league championship this week as well.

Three leagues, two finals and one semifinal. What a year...

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