Monday, December 05, 2005

Diary of a Music Director - Part VIII - "Easy Street"

It's over. The final performance was Sunday afternoon, and none too soon.

The cast had a bad case of "Lastshowitis", in which some of the actors took advantage of the last performance to either use some of the bits they'd been saving, or just ham it up one last time. As a result some of the scenes became much more about them than the plot or the main characters. Ah well, it happens. It's a shame for the audience who pays just as much as any other performance and expects a controlled show, but most of the performers are amateurs, so what can you do. You get what you pay for :)

Speaking of of my huge pet peeves in any crowd, whether it's a play, a movie, a church service, whatever. If you're in a situation where everyone is trying to listen to one source of sound, if you have a crying child or a misbehaving child...or even a babbling baby, take them out. Or better yet, don't bring them. There's nothing more distracting to performers or other audience members than to try and concentrate on what's going on when someone's little darling is raising the roof, crying for juice or just being a general nuisance. Now sometimes these things can happen - kids get cranky, upset, whatever. I know, I've been through that. But before it escalates, take them outside. Sure, you paid as much for a ticket as the other folks did but you have a responsibility to ensure your party doesn't disrupt the event. You temporarily forfeit the right to see that part of the show if your child is raising a fuss - they have to be removed until they're calmed down. And if your child is too young to come to the show anyway, find a sitter and leave him or her behind. It's that simple. Your right to bring your kids with you wherever you go ends when they affect other people's rights to enjoy the experience without distraction.

Ok, rant over. I have several church-related productions in the next couple weeks, then it's Christmas and New Years - typically those couple of weeks are fairly relaxed as we visit my wife's family out of town for a few days, then come home to a big New Year's Eve party at our house with some good friends.

Looks like "Easy Street" from here on out. :)

I don't have any upcoming theatre plans at the moment, but next time I do something I may do another Diary, if there's interest. What did you think about this particular series? Let me know...

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