Wednesday, December 07, 2005

He'll Leave the Light On For Us

Hussein Refuses to Attend Trial, So Judge Proceeds Without Him
"The trial of Saddam Hussein on crimes against humanity proceeded today without the former ruler, who made good on his threat on Tuesday to boycott the hearing, saying he had been mistreated by the 'unjust court.'"

After listening to two days of witnesses describing grisly tales of torture at the hands of Mr. Hussein's agents, the former dictator complained to the judge that he had not had a shower or been allowed to change clothing in three days. When the chief judge, Rizgar Muhammad Amin, refused his request for a delay, Mr. Hussein flew into a rage.

"I will not be in a court without justice," he said. "Go to hell, you and your agents of America!"
Sorry to be posting about Saddam twice in a row, but this just struck me as funny. I guess a defendant has the right to not attend his own trial, just as he has the right to be present and confront the witnesses against him. But the way these articles have been worded makes it sounds like he's decided to go play golf or something instead. Day off! Yay!

Oh, and Saddam - something tells me you'll be in hell long before the judge and his "American agents". Keep it warm for them, huh?

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