Friday, December 09, 2005

The Great Teacup Riot of 2005

Visit Queen of Spain for her hilarious story of a deranged mom at Target.
"SHE TOOK THE PINK ONE! You did NOT just take the last pink one..."

"I'm sorry, are you talking to me?"

"I really wanted that pink one. There are blue" shoving a blue teacup set in my cart, "take a blue one and give me the pink one."

Baffled, I am staring blankly at a 30-something woman. She's with, what I assume, is her mother. They have two carts filled with toys.

I calmly take the blue teacup set out of my cart and set it on the shelf.

"No, thanks. I really want the pink one. Sorry. Maybe ask someone if they have more pink ones in the back."

At this point I start down to the end of the aisle. She follows me.

"That baby can't even have it. It says 2 and up. Don't you see it says 2 and up? Are you trying to hurt her? She'll get HURT if she plays with that."

"I'm sorry, what???"

Slowly, I'm starting to gather myself. This is been going on for so long now, that the fog of being confronted is lifting, and I'm gaining some composure.

"Did you just call me a bad mother? You don't even know me. And I'm really not giving you this pink teacup set now."
The best part is Queen never got really upset, never lost her temper, never started calling the crazy woman names (out loud) and never got in a shouting match. And her final act of defiance is classic.

Yes, there are crazy people out there these holidays - but you have to know how to deal with them....

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  1. I figure this is my one shining moment in keeping my cool...probably won't have another for a good 2-3 years. Thanks for enjoying my craziness!