Thursday, December 29, 2005

We Are The Champions - 2 for 3 so far

Of interest to noone but myself, I won both of the two fantasy football league championships I was playing for this weekend.

Tom Brady, QB for the NE Patriots, figured heavily in both wins. In my Public league, he was the final player on my team to play, and my opponent had New England running back Cory Dillon left to go. I was already ahead by about 20 points or so, so all I had to worry about was Dillon scoring 20+ more fantasy points than his QB in the same game - not much cause for concern, unless for some reason Brady went down early in the game and Dillon went wild afterward. Which didn't happen, and the Pats went on to beat the Jets in the final ABC Monday Night Football game 31-21.

But what was interesting was that in my other league championship, the one based on SEC teams, my team was done but my opponent had Tom Brady. I was up by about 25 points going into that final NFL game, so I had to hope Brady didn't score more than 25 fantasy points in the game (which is a combination of points awarded for TD passes thrown or run, plus a figure based on yards passing, with deductions for interceptions thrown in).

So I was pulling for Brady to do just well enough to fend off Dillon in one league, but not too good to make up the deficit in my SEC league. And he didn't, and I ended up winning both games and both league championships.

And next week, I'll be going for the trifecta as I'm in the finals of my local league, the one with my wife and family members and friends. I have 3 QB's to choose from to start, plus two others I could pick up as final week free agents and use: Mark Brunell (Redskins - injured, not sure if he'll play), Kyle Boller (Ravens - on a hot streak, but it's the Ravens...), Jim Sorgi (Colts - will sub most of the game for Peyton Manning), Jamie Martin (Rams - has been hot last couple weeks subbing for injured QB Mark Bulger) or Josh McCown (Cardinals - great receivers, but playing the Colts). You football geeks out there - who would you start?

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