Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday's Feast

Make up a word and give us its definition.

Partisandbox (par-ti-sand'-box) [n] - A state of political being where your side is correct, only correct, always correct no matter who's making the speeches or running for office, and all others are hopelessly wrong, stupid or evil.

What is currently your favorite song?

I don't really have one right now. There's a song my wife and a friend and I are singing in church this Sunday called "The Lord is With You" that's a gorgeous trio between Joseph, Mary and Gabriel - I guess that's my favorite right now.

What's at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men. And Puppets. And also chickens.

Main Course
Name a scent that reminds you of someone special in your life.

The smell of hot buttered popcorn reminds me of someone very special: Orville Redenbacher.

Just kidding :)

Actually my wife used to wear Colors perfume when we were dating and first married, and that always reminds me of a very special time in my life :)

Who is someone on television that you feel probably shouldn't be, and why?

You want the long list, or the short list?

Let's see:

Jerry Springer
Anyone connected with WWE
Sean Hannity

I'm sure I'll add others as they occur to me.

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