Thursday, December 23, 2004

All Healthy and Stuff

L. and I got our flu shots yesterday - they had some extra at the hospital, and were opening it up to all employees who wanted one.

I can't recall ever actually getting the flu, and I don't remember if L.'s had it any time recently or not. Mainly I want to make sure I wouldn't pass it on to the kids.

I'm a little amazed there were any left over for us - neither of us work directly with patient care - but apparently there were still some patient-care employees that didn't get them.

Good grief. Hope they don't come into contact with anyone who has the flu, and in doing so give it to someone else just because they couldn't be bothered to walk over to Employee Health.

People, if the shot's available - take it. As of 12/11, flu activity is still Sporadic in Tennessee, but more widespread in Kentucky and North Carolina, and evidently pretty heavy up in New York state.

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