Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What a Weekend - Part 2

Well, meanwhile, David's teenage daughter has a chorus concert this evening. She's getting a ride with one of her friends back to the friend's house to change, then David is to pick the two kids up and take them to the movies (and meet our church youth group for a later lockin).

Confusin', ain't it?

I drop off the van at 8:45, leave the keys at the front desk and wait in the van in the rain for David. He pulls up and I climb in, as he takes a call from his daughter - her friend's dad's SUV has a flat. In the dark, in the cold, in the pouring rain.

We're off to the rescue.

By the time we find them a few streets over, we notice numerous other cars pulled off with their hazards on. The friend's dad has finished changing the tire, and tells us part of the street has washed out creating a huge pothole. It actually twisted the rim of the wheel out of shape, and apparently did the same to several other cars.

We follow them to their house, get out and let the girls change while we wait. Turns out the dad belongs to the fitness club we belong to, and plays racquetball...and it just so happens I've been looking for a racquetball partner. Well, whaddya know.

Somewhere it's written in teenage girls' genes that it requires a minimum of 30 minutes to change their clothes, so about 45 minutes later we're headed back out again to the movie theatre.

At this point, I'm along for the ride. Ah, what the heck.

We get to the movies, drop the girls off then run by the grocery store so I can grab a few essentials. Then back to home...

David helps me carry the groceries up to the front door and comes in with me for a moment.

L. meets me at the door. "Guess what. You have a court date..."

(to be continued...)

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