Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Way It Should've Gone...

We see it all the time - our hero defies all odds and harnesses incredible luck to accomplish his goal. Whether defusing a bomb, rescuing a princess or merely getting to work on time, the main characters in movies always seem to have everything work out correctly for them. Even the longest odds and most far-fetched situations can be overcome by that most magic of artifacts: poetic license.

What would movies be like if those on-in-a-million chance shots failed and the far more likely and plausible solutions occured?

Let's take a look, shall we....

Scene: The Death Star Command Center

Death Star Officer: Governor Tarkin? Our sensors have picked up a small freighter attempting to join the battle.

Tarkin: Is it one of ours?

Death Star Officer: No sir, it appears to be the same YT-1300 freighter that we had captured several hours ago, and led us here via the homing device. The Millenium Falcon, sir.

Tarkin: How interesting. Captain Solo is quite resourceful - he may be a potential danger. What is his heading?

Death Star Officer: He's on a direct course for Lord Vader and the single remaining X-Wing, sir.

Tarkin: (considering) Did he think he would fly right up there under our very noses, without being detected and dealt with? Very well. Warn Lord Vader and dispatch two reserve squadrons to destroy the freighter.

Death Star Officer: Yes sir.


Death Star Officer: The Millenium Falcon has been destroyed, sir.

(Tarkin's tight grin widens slightly)


(More to come. Feel free to add your own)

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