Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This Stinks...

Actually, it really, really stinks - just on general principles.

Mississippi fires Cutcliffe after 4-7 season
"Mississippi coach David Cutcliffe was fired Wednesday after his first losing season in six years with the Rebels, a source close to the football program told The Associated Press."
Cutcliffe was Tennessee's offensive coordinator for a number of years, culminating in our National Championship season of 1998. For that, as a former Vol coach, this upsets me.

But what upsets me more is the attitude these days that coaches should be fired for one losing season.
"Cutcliffe was 44-29 in six seasons at Ole Miss, 25-23 in the Southeastern Conference, and just a season removed from going 10-3 season and finishing tied for first in the SEC West with Eli Manning at quarterback."
Which basically says you screw up once, and you're out.
"Cutcliffe was the only coach in school history to win at least seven games in his first five years."
Nice going, Ole Miss. Hope those boosters are happy. Archie Manning....did you have a hand in this? I hope not.

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