Wednesday, December 29, 2004

We're Home

Driving in the snow and ice is not fun, kiddees.

West Tennessee this Christmas was a Winter Wonderland, for sure. The storm that didn't quite make it to Knoxville hit Jackson, TN and socked in the town for a couple of days.

We normally leave mid-Christmas morning to head down to Jackson and several days of visiting my wife's family, but this year we had to delay a day to let some of the ice melt that plagued that city's streets.

So Christmas Day this year, for the first time in our kids' lives, was spent at home. And for those out year who might come up with such a situation, it might be best to plan ahead for just an eventuality. Like stocking up with some extra food, since nothing's open on Christmas Day.

Well, almost nothing. Santa brought a 'Smores Maker, which under normal circumstances would crank out some delicious hot 'Smores. Santa not being a weatherman, however, did not foresee his hooligan recipients actually wanting to use the blamed thing that day, so Santa did not think to actually stock up on the things you use to make 'Smores. You know, little things like chocolate bars. Graham Crackers. Big honkin' marshmelons. Sterno.

So pop trundles out into the big, wide, quite world in search of 'Smores fixin's.


Walgreens is the only store of note open, and while I did find the last box of Graham Crackers (exp date: 05/1997) and a cluster of Hershey bars there wasn't much else. So no 'Smores Who Saved Christmas.

But we did make Icees.

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