Tuesday, November 30, 2004

TV Tuesday

Week 34 - What'd you watch?

ACK! It can't be Tuesday can it? *checks calendar* Oops! Sure is! Since I took a week off let's find out what you were watching!

1. What's your favorite thing you've watched in the past week?

"Awakening" on Enterprise

2. Have you found anything new you liked? (You can use disliked or any other adjective you want.)

I watched the DVD of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"....very odd, very interesting movie. Started v-e-e-r-y slow, got really good in the middle, then sucked at the end. Hatamaran and I had a discussion about it on Monday, and she got me to rethink the ending a little bit.

3. For those who had access to them, did you see any really cool parades on TV?

Saw about 15 minutes of Macy's. Eh.

~Bonus~ Holiday dinner: TV on or off?

ON, baby. Go, Colts!

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