Monday, November 29, 2004

Cookies 'n' Comments

I'm having trouble, using Mozilla v1.7.3, with commenting on Moveable Type blogs...

Here's the scenario:

Let's say I go to Busy Mom's site. I want to leave a comment to one of her posts, so I click "Comments".

The Comment window pops open and I enter my name, email address and blog address. I enter my comment, then click Yes on "Remember My Info", and hit Post.

Now, if I want to comment on another article, the next window I pull up will successfully return my info. But if I leave her site and come back, or if I comment on any other MT blog that I've been too before, it never remembers my name and information. Even if I clicked "Remember My Info".

This only seems to happen on MT blogs, and blogs that use comments like Haloscan (that I also use), I have no problem with.

But since a great number of people have MT, it's a big hassle to keep entering my information over and over on sites I visit often.

I'm fairly sure it's a cookie issue and Moveable Type isn't playing well with Mozilla. Any suggestions on what setting I should change? Or is it a hopeless bug?

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