Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Report from the Polls

Just finished casting my votes at Cedar Bluff Middle School.

Long line before 8am, then when the polls opened the line moved right in. I was out by 8:15.

I noticed a backlog at the secondary registration tables, though - the ones where you line up in sections alphabetically to have your name checked against the voter rolls. There were a lot of people lined up at these tables, and only a couple of workers per table. Consequently, the 10 or so voting machines were frequently empty and waiting on people to line up at them. Hopefully they'll get things straightened out as the day goes on.

I've never been exit polled - and if you've ever been polled, you know how painful that can be. I didn't see any outside today, maybe it was too early. Has anyone been exit polled before?

I also didn't see any candidates stumping outside the front walk, which I usually do. There was only one state office and one national office besides the President to vote for, so that's not surprising.

As for the Knox County Wheel Tax issue, that's something I've wavered on for a good while. After reading the rather disappointing and poorly written Pros and Cons in the Knoxville News Sentinel this past Sunday, I finally made up my mind. But I'm not telling ;)

And as for the Presidential race....well, I feel dirty. I think I need a bath, now.

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