Thursday, November 18, 2004

Theatre Thursday

Week 26 - So Tell Me Why....

We've all watched films and wondered why an actor or director did a scene in a certain way, or what was going through their minds when they shot a particular sequence. Now here's your chance to ask them!

1) What question(s) would you ask any actor (past or present) about their film work?

To Dan Ackroyd: You are a brilliant actor and comedian - why couldn't you have chosen better films besides Ghostbusters and Driving Miss Daisy?

2) What question(s) would you ask any filmmaker (director, producer - past or present) about their film work?

To Ron Howard: How did you successfully put forward your "good guy" image in Hollywood and stay respected? What does it mean to you to be part of so many separate successful ventures (Andy Griffith, Happy Days, movie directing)?

3) What question(s) would you ask any other person on a movie crew (costumer, composer, special effects wizard, best boy) about their film work?

To whoever connected with "The Wizard of Oz" who first had the idea to start in sepia in Kansas and go to color in did the idea first occur to you?

BONUS LITERARY QUESTION) What would you ask any author (past or present) about their writing or body of work?

To Stephen King: What process do you go through in naming your characters, specifically why did you give the lead character in "The Dead Zone" such a generic name as Johnny Smith?

NOTE: Any questions containing the words, "Ewok, "Jar Jar", or "Greedo" will not be accepted, for they have no possible answers.

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