Monday, November 22, 2004

Beware of Flying Hollagrams...

Found via BlogExplosion:


A conspiracy theorist to make the Lone Gunmen blush in shame... Here are some quotes:
"As far as Fahrenheit 911 goes, it's a joke because it just ingrains in the American people the idea that the Saudis and Bin Laden were behind the attacks on the twin towers, when it was really George Bush and the neo cons."


"Fluoride is really a toxic chemical byproduct of the aluminum, steel and nuclear industries, and ruins your teeth and basically your health in general, bringing on premature aging."


"Check out Patriot Act II for yourselves people. Sounds like nazi Germany to me. ...there's a government contract out there for 107,000 rail cars with 143 pairs of shackles in each, couple that with the growing number of detention camps springing up across the country (currently at 600+), and now the Patriot Act II."

Plus he has a poll on his site:
"Were the planes that hit the WTC hollagrams? (yes) (no)"
As soon as I find out what a hollagram is, I'll let you know.

I can't decide if he's being satirical or serious, but it makes for some fun reading if you're into crackpot theories.


  1. I think you people don't use your brain properly.

  2. I think people should stand behind their statements, and not post them anonymously.

    Yeah, I'm talking to you.