Saturday, May 14, 2005

Scrubby Rules!

It turned into quite the damp day today, which we weren't expecting. BrainyBoy v9.2 had his final soccer game of the year this morning, in the light drizzle. It never seemed to bother him but we kept nice and dry under our umbrellas and ponchos on the sidelines (they won 6-2).

The sun came out when we got home, and there was an opportunity for a little yardwork...and what started as a quick sprucing up of the gutters turned into a major terraforming operation. Whole ecosystems were being created, going extinct and reflourishing in our gutters - and me, our ladder and my trust hose made short work of them. Well, long work cause it took most of the afternoon. I created some nice new craters full of water at the end of the drainspouts, accompanied by wheelbarrows full of escaped rainforest that had taken up residence topside. By the end, I was completely wet and completely filthy. I can only hope I don't catch some dread disease like malaria or Scarlet Fever from my expedition.

I did run into the Crocodile Hunter as he chased a sheila through the swamps, but that's another story.

A storm was abrewin', and we decided to go ahead and try to clean the garage dooes and the siding on two sides of the house. On top of doing the gutters. What did I do to deserve such slavery????

Finally - literally, I kid you not, maybe 2 minutes after we finished up and came inside (I had to almost completely strip in the garage to avoid tracking wild vegetation into the house) the skies opened up and a storm hit. Buckets of rain cleansed out my newly vanquished gutters - I can't wait to go look tomorrow and see how much crap washed down into them again, since I removed the old gutter guards in preparation for soon installing new ones. Ah well, it's the circle of life.

So Laura and I both showered and changed into scrubby clothes - then of course, decided to take the whole gang to Baskin Robbins. So there we were, looking for all the world like Mammy, Pappy and all the little Yoakum's from L'il Abner going out for ice cream. We were quite charming :)

It's days like these we spend together as a family that make life worth living. Scrubby or not :)

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