Monday, May 23, 2005

A Man's Gotta Do..

There are some things in life that one feels must be done. And there are also some things in life one feels must be done by himself (or herself) alone.

When that voice calls to you, you should listen to it.

I had to do something last night, actually I was one of a group of people that had to do something. We had to tell someone, someone that we loved, that their services were no longer required.

For weeks, we'd been putting it off. "It wasn't the right time", or "we need to wait until after this such-and-such has happened first."

Well last night - no more excuses, no more delays. It was time.

But who to break the bad news?

Any one of the three of us...but I felt it had to be me, for some reason. There were a myriad of reasons, but I felt it had to be me.

So I did. I could barely look the person in the eye, but I did it anyway. I was straight, direct and to the point. I laid out our concerns, our reasoning and our conclusion.

It seemed to be taken well, but I know it was really not. I'm nervous about getting back in contact with them again in the next couple days on other matters. But I can handle it.

We can handle it.

It's the way it has to be.

Addiction sucks.

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