Monday, May 30, 2005

An Evening at the Cookout

My family never really did anything in particular for Memorial Day, so it's always a treat to participate in an old-fashioned family cookout. The four of us plus two other families of four. Our hosts for this event have a 3-yr-old and a just-barely-1-yr-old, who each provide their own brand of entertainment. The other family have two boys close to BrainyBoy v9.2's age, so he was quite happy.

Lots of ribs, lots of bread, lots of ice cream, watermelon and iced tea. Good weather, good conversation, and good friends are what our country is about.

One very funny thing - we make jokes on occasion about Tink one day hooking up with one of the boys in our church. Boys her or BrainyBoy's age or thereabouts... Well, at the end of the evening all of us were gathered in the living room, chatting. Tink and the second couples' younger son (who is around 8) were the only ones not there, for they were in the backyard playing. Every so often the boy's mom would go and check on them, and they were always fine. As we were leaving, I asked Tink what she and he were doing back there (wink wink, nudge nudge)... quite deadpan, she answered that they were playing "husband and wife".

I blinked a couple of times..

She then added, confidentially, "but we didn't have any babies.."

Good to hear, my little five-year-old...good to hear.

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