Friday, May 27, 2005

Poppin' em out...

Right now, three of my regular blogger friends are preggers.

Misty Razberi of Seductive Kisses (which shows how Blog titles can sometimes lead to bigger and greater things...) She's due in a couple months.

MissZoot, perpetually trapped in Bamaland, is going to have a baby whether she believes it or not. So just hush, girl. She's also due in a few months.

However, Easter Egg poster child Cathy of Domestic Psychology....well, this young Knoxville blogger may be on the way to something new as we speak. Details (and other things) forthcoming...

Good luck to the Next Generation of bloggers!

UPDATE: Looks like it's official, Cathy's headed to the hospital. I guess we'll have a Baby Psychology pretty soon... That is, if she and her husband don't kill each other first....:)

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