Thursday, March 06, 2003

Things I Ponder

When I'm feeding our cats, I'll talk to them. No big deal - I don't think I'm Dr. Doolittle or anything, I'll just say the usual things like, "Here you go, guys", or "Whoa, take it easy, not all at once", or "Ouch! Hey, you little Furby, stop biting my toes!".

Anyways, whilst I'm making this conversation, by white cat "Tas" (Another Dragonlance reference. You'd think I was obsessssssssed) looked up at me in my eyes.

Now, I know it's typical human behaviour to look into the other person's eyes when you speak to them, but why would a cat? Do they learn this from watching other humans? Maybe he's actually looking at my mouth (where the sound's coming from, for those of you who came in late) and since it's close to my eyes it's just an illusion. Of course, he could just as easily be looking at my elbow, or my kneecap, or my toes ("mmmmm....toes..."). So why would he see the need to look at me in the eyes like a human would do with another human? Does he know something I don't? Do I want to know? Does he own me money? And what about Naomi....

These are the things I think about when I'm putting off going to bed.

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