Monday, March 24, 2003

A Couple of Questions and Comments

  1. When, exactly, did we suddenly start pronouncing Qatar as "cutter"? For some reason, I always thought I'd heard it pronounced "Katar" as if it rhymed with "guitar". Did I dream this?

  2. Quick way to find out if Saddam's really alive. Send him one of those spam email messages that promises to "add 5 inches". Embed in the email a link to a picture on a website, then sit back and wait. Either the site stats will record he opened the email, or he'll quickly respond. Either way, you've got him.

    Tip to Delta Force in Baghdad: Knock on the front door of his bunker and holler, "Candygram!". If he answers the door, eat him.

  3. Am I alone in this? I'm really tired of news reports that quote Pentagon officials saying something "may" have happened. "Senior Pentagon Officials today confirmed that indeed Saddam may indeed have been killed or injured in the initial strike." "Command Central officials indicated that resistance may be heavy as they approach Baghad".

    If you're going to report something, report a fact - either yes, he's toast, or no, he's not toast. Quit teasing.

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