Thursday, March 13, 2003

Midwives at the Carousel Theatre

Paige M. Travis reports on the new play at UT's Ula Love Doughty Carousel Theatre, Midwives in this week's Metropulse.

I worked in the Carousel Theatre several times as an undergad at UT and it's a very interesting place to do a show. What I remember most is the ability to remove the walls and let the outside air come in, when desired. Theatre in the round, or when the stage is partially or totally surrounded by the audience, is a very intimate form of theatre that keeps the actors always in view. On a traditional stage, there's always the opportunity to disappear into the wings or behind a set piece, but in the round you're always there and always somewhere in the scene if you're on the stage. As such, an actor has to always be "on", and even when they have no dialogue or movement, they have to remain true to their character and not disappear into themselves. Very challenging, but very rewarding.

UPDATE: There's a letter to the editor in the 'Pulse today, too, about theatre and coverage of the Arts in general in Knoxville.

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