Saturday, March 01, 2003

Hmm...something's getting lost in the translation...

The Talking Dog, a blog that has a great bloglist, has added Inn of the Last Home to his "Dog Run". Thanks, pooch!

However - here's part of his description:

"The commentary bounces around from matters Tennessee (and Knoxville) to matters national and matters war and peace, and though the perspective is indistinguishably right wing, though in a down-home style that makes it all a little less unpalatable."
Right wing??? Ok, something's obviously not working correctly here. Lemme take a quick glance back at some of my postings...

Supporting religious freedom in the schools, and freedom from harrasment - Check.

Against the discrimination against French and Germans - Check.

Cautiously pro-Tennessee-Income-Tax - Check.

Works in theatre and the arts - Check.

0% Republican - Check.

Stricter interpretation of the 2nd Amendment - Check (comments on other blogs).

Tap tap tap this thing on? Hm...Universal Translator must be broken - gotta get Hoshi to fix this thing....

Anyway...thanks, Talking Dog!

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