Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Putting the Pieces Together...

I just want to know if this:

Al Qaeda Chief Was Plotting New Attacks, U.S. Officials Say

"A U.S. intelligence memo dated Feb. 26 warned Mohammed was overseeing plans to attack suspension bridges, gas stations and power plants in New York and other major cities, Newsweek reported Sunday."
...Which also yielded this:

Pakistan raid nets possible al Qaeda names

"Meanwhile, FBI agents are trying to track down possible al Qaeda operatives in the U.S., including some believed to be in Washington and other U.S. cities, after names were found among a "treasure trove" of material recovered during Mohammed's capture, sources said."
...Has anything to do with this:

FBI Says Arrests in Norris Dam Incident Show Good Security

"Norris Dam is considered a hard terrorist target, or a highly-patrolled place. While the FBI says there was never a physical threat to the dam, agents are investigating possible links the brothers could have to terrorist organizations."
...Not to mention this:

Local Law Enforcement Responds on Threats at Hospitals

"The latest reports, which involve unidentified men taking pictures of hospitals and businesses, have authorities again looking into weekly tips"
If any of these events are related to each other, I hope they confirm it quickly.

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