Sunday, March 30, 2003

"Homicide" Bombers? Come on...

Here's a few definitions:
  1. Bomber - someone who sets off a bomb. Presumably, in these cases, with the intent to kill (or, commit homicide)

  2. Suicide Bomber - someone who sets off a bomb with the intent to commit homicide, but intentionally kills themselves in the process.

  3. Homicide Bomber - Courtesy of Department of Redundacy Department.
There is no distinction between a homicide bomber and a suicide bomber - both intend on committing homicide, and unfortunately both sometimes succeed. Fortunately for us, the suicide bomber removes him or herself from active bombing capability.

Creating a new phrase such as "homicide bombing" is disingenious, and serves no real purpose other than to attempt to educate the bottom 10% who just don't get what suicide bombers do.

However, in the spirit of fair play I'd like to offer the following new euphamisms for anyone who would like to use them:
  • Armed Robber with a Weapon
  • Assault and Battery and Hitting and Punching and Kicking
  • Disruptively Disorderly Conduct
Just trying to be a public service.