Thursday, March 13, 2003

Democrats actually do run businesses, and are nice people, too...

Bill Hobbs continues to be impressed Governor Bredesen, which is great, and compliments his stand on waiting a year for lottery money to be used for scholarships. But...

Is he really a Democrat, or does he just play one on TV?
I hope you don't really mean this. Are you expressing amazement that a Democrat might be able to make a common sense, informed decision that doesn't pander to his business or special interests? I think other parties (not naming any names) can be equally blamed in that category. And besides, the issue discussed has nothing to do with wantonly raising taxes (a typical Democratic stereotype) and simply points out a sound business decision - to wait and get a better idea of what revenues a lottery might generate before applying it to scholarships. The year's worth of money generated can help prop up the government, then when they get a handle on the amount it can be applied to schools next year. Amazing a Democrat would have had a good business thought!

You have a great blog, Bill and I respect your writing a great deal, but I hope you don't let these kinds of biases slip through very much - that's why we have Rush.

P.S. When are you going to add a comments section, Bill?

UPDATE: My mistake - Rich from Shots Across the Bow guest-authored the article on Bill's site.

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