Friday, March 21, 2003

Peace Movement's Worst Nightmare

Glenn of Instapundit says that Iraqi civilians welcoming and thanking coalition forces would be the peace movement's worst nightmare.

Well, hold on there a minute. While I don't agree with their methods, or their specific reasoning, it seems to me that being proven right would be the peace movement's worst nightmare.

If there were massive civilian casualties, or if there was another major terrorist attack because of the invasion, or if there were a lot of American military losses, or a massive revolt and uprising in the Arab world....they would be proven that they were right after all.

But so far none of those things have happened. If everyone involved in the peace movement isn't at least relieved and cautiously optimistic up to this point, there's really something wrong wtih their view of justice and the America way.. And that would be a nightmare.

UPDATE: Seems some other folks disagree with this statement as well, but Glenn doesn't link to them (rats!). However, he does link to our own Instalawyer who has some things to say.

I will concede that there is likely a strong anti-semitic/anti-Israel behind some -- some -- of the peace movement, and ANSWER also played a major role. However, there are always those with ulterior motives ready to prey on the those needing a push in the right (or wrong) direction. It's those people, the majority of folks who opposed the war on the same unfounded suppositions and non-occuring events that I write about above that I'm speaking about. For them, they should be glad the war is going the way it is because their greatest nightmares HAVE NOT come true, and Iraq is truly being liberated. Anything besides that suggests ulterior motive, as I said, or a degree of close-minded hatred and refusal to accept facts that is truly troubling.

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