Saturday, March 01, 2003

A House Divided

Randy Cassingam of This is True, who is following the India Tracy case, discusses the implications of modern Christianity with a preacher friend, Dr. Rev. Rus Jeffrey.

Prominent among Dr. Jeffrey's comments are those which point out the rift dividing Christians today, and how the reasons go against Biblical teachings:

"Rus: You mean how do I personally address it? By always pointing out that it's wrong. By modeling for the people who follow me the right way to live with one another and be speaking words of "life" instead of "death." I actually had to address this with one of our leaders here not too long ago. I heard he was saying things he shouldn't be saying. So, I sat him down and reminded him of Proverbs 6:16-19. In that passage it says there are "six things the Lord hates, and the seventh He abhors....sowing dissension among the brethren." I reminded him that when we say things about others it's out of line and it causes "dissension" even when we usually say "I didn't mean to make anyone mad. I simply don't put up with it.
Amazing how so many of our problems have common roots, isn't it? Rus goes on to say:

"Sometimes I simply point out that even though we don't agree with what someone else might think, it does not give us permission to abuse them verbally. Again, that's "sowing dissension." Sometimes I simply smile and say -- "Well, I guess that person isn't living up to their full potential yet. But then again, they probably figure we aren't living up to our full potential either." :-) "
Sowing dissension. Whether in Union County schools, or when discussing foreigners who don't happen to agree with us, or our fellow citizens who have different opinions about war than you, it's all the same.

Reunite our house, before the splits grow too wide to heal...

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