Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Lower Forms of Life.

Apparently, according to the Blogosphere Ecosystem I'm not even an Insignificant Microbe...

Well, this disheartened me a great deal, so after several minutes of uncontrolled weeping I emerged from my self-pity to actually submit my site for consideration. Looks like your ranking is determined by how may sites are linking to you, and the results were:


Which puts me in that Insignificant Microbe category. O Joy! O Rapture! I have Evolved!

Waitaminnit...6? C'mon, folks, link to me! Help you friendly innkeeper grow up the food chain. I mean, seriously - I've got hungry gully dwarves to feed here, and when they're not fed they get cranky.

Do you really want Instapundit and Lileks to have all the fun?

Oh crap! I linked to them!! *hits head Chris Farley-style*.

Oh, and for those who started reading thinking I was going to start talking about Republicans...sorry. Not this time.


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