Saturday, March 01, 2003

Spring is coming...

I finally got to go out today for a while and soak up some sun. Helped E. ride her bike, walked with her and C. up and down the neighborhood on his scooter. Cleaned some gutters, and just generall enjoyed the sunshine. It's March 1, ergo it's time for spring.

Is it just me, or do other Knoxvillians agree that this has been the lousiest January/February in a long time? Combining snows, floods, cold weather and just general days and days or rain and grey skies, I've never been happier to hear some of the spring birds returning to East Tennessee.

Then, of course, the Vols lost by about 85 points - but I don't let that put a damper on things ;)

I saw my cousin today, who's pregnant with her first child. It was a kick seeing her 4 months along!

Sunday night's the KATC awards. Wish me luck!

End of line.

UPDATE: We're sorry, but reports of spring's arrival seem to have been greatly exaggerated.

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