Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday Morning Blogging...

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon in East Tennessee. I'm sitting at the kitchen table on my wife's laptop, blogging while:

1) Laura's out getting her nails done in prep for a school gala this evening that we are attending.

2) BrainyBoy v8.95 - freshly fever-free and fanatically frisky - is reading a book for school to make up some time.

3) Tink is sitting at the table next to me, and we're both coloring in her Care Bears coloring book.

Earlier today I went and set up chairs in our church's new Senior High and Middle School sunday school rooms. After many months of construction headaches, the new wing and renovated wing of our church are ready to go. Tomorrow is the consecration of the new buildings and everything needs to be ready.

I'm typing in stream-of-blogginess, as things occur.

  • Laptops are a lot different to type on than a desktop keyboard - the keys are different and I have to take the time to correct a number of more typos.

  • This is kind of nice, watching Tink narrate her coloring adventures with a running commentary.

  • Tink's singing "...purple mountains majesty...above the fruited plain" after she found a crayon called "purple mountain majesty".

  • Now she's singing The Rainbow Song as we color rainbows. Little girls in the family cause grown men to do these thing.

  • Playing chess with BB while Tink sits in her beanbag answering school homework questions. Yes, kindergarten homework...
  • ?

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