Thursday, January 06, 2005

In the Works, Short Hits, and Googlewacking

  • I've got something special brewing for my second blogiverary, coming next Monday the ninth, so be sure to tune in.

  • Maybe it's just me, but seeing the world respond to the tsunami victims makes me a bit nervous, as if it's a practice run for some other global catastrophe. I don't know, just my nerves talking.

  • 60 degrees in January just ain't right. But I'll take it.

  • The fact the Amber Frey has a book out and I do not points out a fundamental flaw in the universe. That and the fact that I can't write.

  • Apparently Googlewacking is "all the rage" with the kids these days. The premise is you find two English, non proper-name words, enter them into Google and try to come up with only one hit on the combination. For instance, "triskadeskaphobia" and "screaming" return only one hit (at this writing). You then go to and submit your two words to something called the "Whack Stack" (no, I don't know what it is, either). Anyway, it seems to be a great party game and several of my co-workers have abandoned all pretenses of work to play.

    It's pretty easy to cheat, though. For instance, in the above example I just entered "triskadeskaphobia" (which, incidentally, is fear of the number "13"), then scanned the 50-odd resulting hits for a term in the summary that looked odd. In one of them I found "screaming", entered it as the companion search term, and voila!

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