Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Best New Year's Ever

Thursday: Birthday dinner with family, parents and in-laws at Conners in Turkey Creek. Back home for presents and cake.

Friday: Took BrainyBoy and Tink to the SpongeBob Movie, then welcomed 6 adults, 2 teens and 5 kids into our house for a Sumptious Buffet (tm) and New Years Eve festivities. Played "Cranium" and a new game called "This..." "Things...", and we all rang in the New Year on time.

Saturday: Slept till 10, watched the Vols trounce Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl, ate leftovers from the Sumptuous Buffet (tm), played board games with my kids, and stayed in my pajamas all day long.

It was the Best New Year's Ever.

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