Friday, January 07, 2005

Friday's Feast

Appetizer - Have you been sick yet this winter? If so, what did you come down with?

Amazingly enough, no, not yet at least. Nobody in our family's had anything worse than a little cold lately. Knock on wood.

Soup - What colors dominate your closet?

Browns, earth tones. I'd like more color but can never seem to buy any.

Salad - How would you describe your personal "comfort zone"?

My comfort zone is laying on the couch, watching TV, reading a book and eating a bag of microwave popcorn.

Main Course - On which reality show would you really like to be a contestant?

God, I hate reality shows. But if I had to answer one, I guess The Apprentice. I think I could plan and organize rings around those people, even though I have no real business sense. And I know I could deal with other people better.

Dessert - Which holiday would you consider to be your favorite?


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