Friday, January 21, 2005

Ryan out, Wycheck in

Wycheck to join Titans Radio
"Former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck will join the Titans Radio broadcast team of Mike Keith and Larry Stone in 2005"
What happened to Pat Ryan, the former color commentator and for many years a partner to Keith is murky:
Wycheck replaces Pat Ryan, whose contract recently expired.

"[Don MacLachlan, Titans Executive Vice President of Administration and Facilities said,]"As excited as we are to have Frank as part of Titans Radio, he will have big shoes to fill. It took a special person like Frank for us to even consider a move on the broadcast. The team, Mr. Adams, the organization, and Titans Radio owe Pat Ryan a large debt of gratitude for helping us launch the Titans across the mid south. He will always hold a special place in our heart."
Pat Ryan was a huge part of Titans football broadcast, and I've enjoyed listening to he and Mike since they were commenting on UT sports and calling high school games here in Knoxville. Pat, a former UT and New York Jet quarterback, was rarely shy about expressing his opinion of the game and the referees but was rarely if ever rude or unprofessional.

I hope the split was amicable, but something tells me he insulted the wrong person which led to his not being retained. I hope he's able to find another sportscasting job if he wants it, but whatever he does I'll always appreciate his wit and knowledge of the game.

Congratulations, however, to former Titan tight end Frank Wycheck who has always seemed to be a quality guy and a valuable member of the team. I hope he does well, and I'm looking forward to hearing him with Mike Keith this fall.

It's going to be a different year for the Titans in 2005. Ryan gone, Offensive Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger has gone to the Jets, and QB Steve McNair's future is still very up in the air. Should be interesting.

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