Sunday, November 16, 2003

More on the "God Resolution"

    ( 11/16/03)

    "Two groups had separate petition drives Saturday, one in Mascot, the other in Seymour. The organizers say they're trying to protect America's heritage, which they believe, is founded in God.

    "If our children lose this now, the disrespect we see in the schools now, with prayer already taken out," says petition organizer Susie Davis, "I feel like this is one more step in removing God from everything we have."
    This is one of the most dangerous attitudes people are having now. It's not the school where children learn disrespect - it's at home. Your home. The one you're passing the buck from. If you don't teach children respect at home, the mostly Godly school in the world isn't going to help them. Parents, responsibility. Now.

    Besides, looks at what she says, "I feel like this is one more step in removing God from everything we have." What she's actually saying is that she is so insecure in the way she is teaching her children about God that if the Government doesn't supply it, it's being taken away from them. I've got news for you, ma'am -- noone can take God away from you, or what you have, unless you let it slip away. And that's exactly what's happening -- You refuse to look after your children's souls and blame the government. Nice.

  • Sam Venable channels Ina Hughs, and gets it: God can take care of Himself

    "It's none of the government's business. Period. It isn't now and it wasn't in 1954, when the fear of "godless communists" was so pervasive in this nation that the words "under God" were inserted in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    I have read the God resolution that's to be considered by Knox County Commission. Parts of it I can accept in the vein of atta-boy fluff - although I reiterate that the God I worship certainly doesn't need political assistance.

    But parts of this thing are flat-out wrong. The whole business of that Ten Commandments statue in Alabama was ill conceived from the get-go, and the Alabama Court of the Judiciary was 100 percent correct in giving Judge Roy Moore the boot.

    The court did not tell Judge Moore he couldn't practice his religion. It simply said he couldn't practice it on company time. There's a huge difference, and anyone not blinded by dogma can see it.

    Anyone not blinded by dogma can also see the difference in a typical government proclamation and the time bomb of the God resolution."
    What's more interesting, is the online poll the KNS is running next to Venable's column:

    Do you agree?
    (1) Yes - 90.8 % (59)
    (2) No - 7.7 % (5)
    (3) Not Sure - 1.5 % (1)

    Obviously there aren't many responses, but if it's any indication of the true feelings of Knox Countians the County Commissioners supporting this issue had better understand which of their constituents have the true power.

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