Friday, March 18, 2005

My Last Night of Unencumbered Sleep

CPAPI'm getting my Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device delivered today.

Based on the results of the sleep study I went through, I will start wearing one of these babies to bed at night. The photo to the right isn't exactly what mine will look like - mine will be more like what a SCUBA diver would wear. It's an apparatus that's attached below the nose, and strapped around the back of the head. I'll also wear a mouth guard, to keep my chin from flopping down in the night. Continuous airflow into the nose creates a kind of "vacuum chamber" in my mouth, and if it opens, the "seal" is broken. I know, sounds hideous.

It's designed to increase oxygen flow into my lungs at night, while regulating my breathing and preventing snoring. I've read a number of testimonials, not to mention the commentors to my previous posts, that indicate it can do wonders to your blood pressure, memory and general health plus improve your feelings of restfulness at night and alertness during the day.

I certainly hope so. Although it's not been so bad lately, I have gotten tired at work. I don't recall dreams like I ought to be able to, and I have little sense of time passage when I sleep. I fall asleep, and *boom* 2 seconds later it's time to get up, so I don't feel as rested as I ought to. I have hereditary blood pressure, so it's unknown if that will be affected. I also have terrible short term memory, and can forget a figure or phrase very quickly.

We'll see how it works, and I'll deliver a progress report.

You know with a little modification, I could go as a TIE Fighter Pilot at Halloween:

TIE Fighter Pilot

UPDATE (03/20/05): Photo replaced with more accurate picture. I have a REMStar Pro w/C-Flex system and heated humidifier.

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  1. I am thinking about getting a cpap as well but I am a little nervous about the sleep study. Can you tell us a little more about the sleep study process?