Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Keeping Score

So far at our house in the 2005 Illness Olympics:

Me: 1 sinus infection, or something (3 days).
Laura: 1 stomach virus (2 days), 1 sinus/throat/chest infection (9 days)
BrainyBoy: 1 case of micoplasm (3 days)
Tink: 1 influenza (3 days), 1 something-other-that-just-happened-last-night-with-fever-and-barky-cough (1+ days)

Boys are winning, 6 days to 15+. Boys rule!

I hate winter. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I hate transmitting bugs around families, schools, churches...

At this rate, we'll all be healthy at the same time between 3:45-3:47pm, Thursday Nov 12, 2009.

UPDATE (03/09/05): Ok, add 1 each to Tink and BB's scores. He's sick now, too.

Boys: 7
Girls: 16

Tomorrow we are expecting metorites, and possibly locusts. Locusts carrying the plague.

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