Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blog Comments

I'm getting really tired of moderated blog commenting.

If you allow comments on your blog, but only those that are allowed after your "moderated" them, I'd urge you to rethink. I understand there are those that take great delight in buggering up someone's comments with spam or harsh language, but if you have a post that welcomes comments but they don't show up for hours because you haven't looked at them yet....what's the point?

And how do we know you're not censoring the ones that don't agree with you?

I totally understand those that don't allow comments at all - that's fine. If I disagree or want to make a point to you, I'll use e-mail. But don't allow comments but leave it to your whim who's worthy of posting. Comments are for back-and-forth discussion on the topic at hand by those in the outside world.

Make up your minds.

PS. I'll never moderate my comments. Go for it.

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