Monday, March 28, 2005

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Some random thoughts, updates, and observations from the last few days:

  • I had an interesting conversation with Becky at April Fool last night, and we were discussing what liberals and conservatives actually believe - or don't believe. Abortion was mentioned, and I brought up the Terry Schiavo case. It occured to me at that point something that had been swimming around in my head, unformed, for several days. Both debates - abortion, and right-to-live, have at their basis not religion or philosophy but science. Medical science, at this point, can not tell us when a person first lives, nor when a person truly dies. Some adherants of the various theories on either subject obviously, as we see all the time, support their views voraciously and occasionally with violence. There are any number of religious beliefs that support the proposition that life begins at conception, and any number that believe life ends at the last heartbeat. But, while these beliefs are valid in many peoples' minds, their all still based on what is generally known about science. Even as basic a science as that of a baby's cry at the moment of birth, or the flat beep of an EKG that signals the end.

    The point is, until medical science progresses to the point where they can tell when the soul enters and exits the body, abortion and end-of-life debates will always hinge of philisophy and religion. But these are inexact science, and depend on faith and heart to make decisions. However, beliefs should exist with an open mind, prepared to learn new takes on new ideas. Oftentimes they are instead relied on as hard truths and supported with blind obedience to the cause.

    We can never truly know when life begins or ends. Until we do, I hope everyone involved in either case, on either side, recognizes there's still a lot to learn.

    (P.S. If you haven't met Becky, go there now. No, now..!)

  • BrainyBoy v9.1 has now hinted to us that the reign of the Easter Bunny, and possibly Santa Claus, is over. And it's a much larger relief to me than I ever thought possible.

    Saturday evening, after a long day of church Easter Egg hunts and other activities, BB and Tink (5-yrs-old) were discussing the best place to put their Easter baskets for optimum bunny access. On the couch? By the door? Such decisions for such young minds.

    In the midst of the discussion, BB said to Tink, "We can put them right next to the door, so the Easter Bunny can get right to them..." then to me, as a whispered aside, "Or where you guys can get to them tonight..."

    My jaw dropped, because he'd never hinted he got the truth before. Now I know 9 is pushing the logical Age of Not Believing a bit but he's enjoyed things and we preferred to drop hints along the way and let nature take its course.

    A few minutes later I shooed Tink out of the room and asked BB what was up. He feigned innocence and smiled mysteriously, going on about his way.


    The next morning - treats and gifts all around. We bought BB a Bionicle and a Pokemon toy for the basket, still unable to remember which ones he has and which he doesn't have. Apparently he already had both of the ones we bought him. So I took the opportunity later in the day to ask:

    Me: "So, that's too bad the Easter Bunny brought you the same kind of toys. Why do you think he did that?"

    BB: (slight roll of the eyes) "Because you and mommy forgot what kind of Bionicles I already have..."

    Me: "Hrm..."

    BB: You know, I want to save up my money to buy one of those spy kits I saw in a catalogue with the secret hidden camera, so I can set it up and see who's really doing the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus"

    ....and off he goes on his way.

    Well, it had to happen sooner or later. But that's a switch - why is it affecting me more than him? something in my eye...

  • I just finished my second week with my CPAP, and it's working much better now. I've figured out how to adjust the fit so that it's secure enough that the SCUBA part won't slip off, but loose enough so it doesn't squash my nose back into my brain. I'm still concerned about its effectiveness. Although it seems to have stopped by snoring, to my wife's undying gratitude (and was one of the primary reasons I needed it), but I don't feel different. According to several testimonials I'd read, I should be leaping tall buildings and running double marathons by now with all the increased rest and oxygen flow I'm supposed to be getting inside me. I should be running around like Mrs. Howell on sugar beets, but I don't feel like anything's changed, per se.

    I have a followup with the sleep doc in a couple of days, so maybe I'll find out more soon.

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