Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More on School Uniforms

Michael Silence is covering this with several links, including one to this page.

Of interest is an article in the News Sentinel (Registration Required) about a parental survey gone bad.
One problem with the first survey, which took place in January, was that it was conducted differently at the 26 schools where principals chose to participate.


...The percent of parents in a school that turned in surveys ranged from 6 percent to 70 percent. Only six schools received surveys from more than half the parents.

"The response rates are so low, and I suspect the responses are so biased, that you can't really say what the community feels," [Board of Education Chairman Dan] Murphy said.
I'm not an expert on statistical analysis, nor do I know the specifics of the survey - maybe there was a minimum number of responses necessary to make the survey viable - but as long as there were, and the responses were spread out fairly evenly around the city it should be fairly accurate. And parents, if you had the opportunity to respond and didn't...there's no one else to blame but yourself.

I really don't have a dog in this fight - as I said below, my kids already wear uniforms to school and always have. Cathy mentioned in comments to the previous post about her middle school kids being unhappy about the change... My main objection is basing it on the fallacy that fashion diversity=individuality.

Parents of Knox County public school kids - what are you specific chief objections to school uniforms?

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