Friday, March 18, 2005

Bad Boys

Young Master Harber is in the news again.
'A Knox County Republican political operative and county employee resigned Thursday, saying he has been harassed by county law enforcement officers and become an enemy of the now-former chairman of the local party."

In a lengthy e-mail to Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, Tyler Harber, 24, accused the Knox County Sheriff's Office of "vengeful and illegal actions" in recent days.


Harber's letter follows the anonymous delivery Monday of copies of e-mails to Ragsdale that came from the personal account of former Knox County Republican Party Chairman Chad Tindell. The correspondence dealt with newly elected Chairman Brian Hornback's removal of paperwork and computers from Republican Party headquarters over the weekend.


He wrote that he had become "a political target of the Sheriff or at least persons in the Knox County Sheriff's Office."


While Harber does not address the e-mail investigation, he does lash out at the Sheriff's Office and Tindell. In his resignation letter, he accused the Sheriff's Office of acting in a way "reminiscent of Nazi Gestapo tactics."'
This is all too idiotic for words. If you have anything officially to do with the Republican or Democratic Party in Knox County (or anywhere else for that matter), you should have serious thoughts about your mental capacities.

When politicos use terms like "enemies", "political targets", and the big one: "reminiscent of Nazi Gestapo tactics" then you know it has nothing to do with representing the people and all to do with everyone's own egos and immaturity.

All around. Everyone.

We have troops overseas fighting real evil, and you have children over here squabbling over their PC hard drives and sending the police to harass each other.

Grow up, kids. Get real jobs that you can handle, and not political appointments and civil service careers that other people could use and really do something constructive with.

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