Monday, March 07, 2005

Discovering and Rediscovering my History

The weekend in Knoxville was nice and sunny, warm at times and breezy. It might for some nice outdoors time, finally, after a nasty rainy sloggy winter. Some thoughts and reflections:

  • We went to visit my parents in Fountain City Saturday evening, mainly to do some geneological research. I've become interested in understanding my family history, on both sides, so I've been "interviewing" my mom and dad for dates, times, etc of our immediate families. Strange, interesting stuff. I'd ultimately like to find out when and where my ancestors actually emigrated to America from Scotland/Ireland and whether or not I'm actually related to a certain famous Scottish warrior. Suffice for now that I'm finding it fascinating to discover that certain ancestors from the 19th century fought for the Confederacy, and others later owned and operated businesses in Knoxville's "Old City" and Market Square areas. I purchased Legacy Family Tree v5.0 software online, and so far it seems to be working great. It allows connections and searches to other geneological online sources, through which I've already made a lot more headway (or is that tailway, since it's actually going backward in time?). I may keep you up to date on my progress.

  • Meanwhile, I got to spend some quality time earlier that Saturday afternoon with BrainyBoy v9.1. We visited the new Fountain City Art Center, of which I was asked to redesign and maintain their website, the Fountain City park, the Duck Pond (if you don't know, don't ask), and the new Fountain City Library. The Arts Center moved into the old library building next to the park last year, which is wonderful. I and many, many other native Fountain Citians spent our formative school years in that library building, huddled around encyclopedias and book reports. It's great to see it's still being put to good use.
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