Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogging from Orlando - Day 4

Oy, this is killing me. But it's a good hurt.


Universal Studios

  • Actually slept in today - woke up about 10. Had a late breakfast, hung out for a while and we were ready to head out around noon.

  • Spent the afternoon at Universal Studios. Tonight was one of their "Halloween Horror Nights" so the park was closing earlier than usual. This also meant that while the crowds were light in the early hours, they increased as the afternoon went on. We got snagged by a survey taker soon after entering the park - as we found out yesterday, sometimes there are nice perks for taking surveys and gladly obliged.

  • We rode Earthquake, watched the Blues Brothers stage show (and took notes for the Atomic Horns performances. Me and Paul from the band do better Jake and Elwood than these guys...). Men in Black a couple of times (I'm still no better at scoring points than the last time), Jaws, E.T. Adventure, Terminator 2: 3D (Laura's favorite), Shrek 4-D and still my personal favorite at Universal, Twister: Ride it Out. I know my friend Gary will be shocked we didn't do the Mummy, but we just weren't up for the fast stuff today. This was rest day! And we still did a lot.

  • Today was much less intensely hot, but the wind also kicked up a great deal. No rain, though, just a great day for going to a park.

  • It's nice to have time to kill - the passes I bought online allow 7 consecutive days of entry to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and we have 4-5 days to visit both as much as we want, so no need to cram everything in.

  • Still disappointed Back to the Future closed, which was my next favorite ride last time I came. It's been dismantled for a new Simpsons ride next year. It'll probably be good, but it still won't be a BTTF.

  • We left the park around 5:30 and once again got surveyed - this time about our experience in the park that day. Perks? Perks? No perks. C'mon, USF - show some love. Ah well.

  • Had dinner out in Orlando and came home and swam. Got to get some rest for the big day tomorrow....

Tomorrow: EPCOT's 25th Anniversary!

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