Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogging from Orlando - Day 1

Day late and a dollar short.

Actually, this is being typed on Day 2. I just got internet connection in our hotel room, so I'll have to recap yesterday.


  • Plane left Knoxville for Orlando about 8pm. Flying Allegiant Air was interesting for the first time. Pretty no-frills. The flight was bumpy, but not too bad. Got into Orlando and on the road in a rental car around 10:30.

  • Drove out to Pop Century Resort and made it there a little after 11. Talk about sensory overload. I'll post photos when I have time, but suffice to say every artifact and saying of the 50's-90's is painfully (and playfully) on display here. We checked in, had a snack and went on to bed. Tomorrow's a busy day!

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