Thursday, September 13, 2007


Man, there is seriously nothing going on out there that is worth blogging about.

  • Atomic Horns in concert
    October 6, 2007
    Eagles Lodge
    Oak Ridge, TN
    8pm-12 midnight

    Come out all bloggers!!

  • I could blog about Knox County politics and the Sunshine Law lawsuit, but truly, other than these guys - who understands it? I can't get through one of their posts without sitting back and going, "huh??"

    Part of the reason is that the crux of the blog coverage thus far has been pre-trial, and thus mainly commentary on the integrity of the Sentinel's coverage. Since there's no factual information to report on yet, it's just random griping. And of course, the partisanship and bias is showing through already. Which means, of course, we still won't get an unbiased look at the trial. The bias and preconceived ideas regarding each side of the aisle is going to make this difficult to understand.

  • 9/11 for my family means my newly married brother's 36th birthday. Happy Birthday, bro!

  • When you've spent 6 months trying to get to the heart of an annoying, chronic and particularly vexing non-serious medical problem and it finally ends with a big *shrug* from the doc, and you're back at square one - particularly when you waited 1-1/2 hours in the doctor's office for a 5-minute consult - one can be tempted to lose one's cool. Not that I would, of course. I'm way too even-tempered for that..........................

  • Two more weeks + 2 days till a week park-hopping in Orlando with my wife for our 15th anniversary!

  • Have you ever seen a more scarily useless group of people running for president?

  • It's nice to be in demand for Music Directing jobs, but I've pledge to take the rest of the year off from theatre unless a plum directing job opens up. I've already had about 3 requests to be MD, and had to turn them down (one of them twice!). Guess it's a case of careful what you wish for...

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