Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Men and Women....and Children of CTU

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Field Ops Director at CTU:

Little Ricky Schroder from "Silver Spoons" and "The Champ" (pictured)!

But this is just the latest in a series of former child actors on "24" - consider:

Sean "Goonies" Astin was CTU OverLord that took one too many breaths last season and:

Sara "Darlene Conner" Gilbert was a CTU tech that got blowed up good in Season 2...not to mention:

Lukas Haas, the kid from "Witness" as another witness who gets wacked early in Season 4, and another innocent bystander:

C. Thomas "Ponyboy" Howell was Kim Bauer's unlucky boyfriend/shrink named, interestingly, Barry that almost took a whiff of Sentax nerve gas last season. Then there's this obscure former child actor who play a minor role on "24":

He played Ace Merrill in "Stand by Me" and,

A bloodsucker in "Lost Boys". Too bad nothing more came of his career...

Anyway, look for Corey Feldman, Kirk Cameron and Tina Yothers to make appearances in upcoming seasons...

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