Monday, March 26, 2007

Falling Trees in the Forest

I just looked at my site and I haven't posted since last Tuesday. That's rare that I go so long without something (and I haven't posted on anything substantial besides TV show thoughts and amusing-to-me-only tidbits) for several weeks.

Several things, rather big things in the grand scheme, happened with my life last week. I've pondered whether the blog about them and wondered if anyone really cared one way or another about what goes on in my life. I don't mean I consider you heartless or unsympathetic, dear reader, only that I find it more and more difficult to believe what I have to say is any more interesting or noteworthy than, say, the guy down the street. Or the girl in the car beside you at the red light. Or the checker at the supermarket - you know what I mean?

There are two kinds of bloggers. Those who blog because they have to blog - they have to put their thoughts and observations on paper (the computer) because it's an outlet for their own personal creativity, inspiration and philosophy. SayUncle's motto, right on the top left corner of his site, is, "Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you." He blogs because he finds it a rewarding outlet for putting his inner thoughts into words.

The other kind of blogger is the one who puts words on the computer to entertain, enlighten or educate others. That's me - I don't need to put thoughts in writing necessarily in order to ruminate on them. The subjects I blog about are created to garner feedback, commentary, discussion, rumination from the community. I look for other people's opinions and observations. I like to share a laugh by posting something funny I've read, or generate speculation on TV shows I like. Sometimes I just don't understand something, so I post about it and invite explanation.

I can't be a day-in-the-life blogger. I've tried, but I just can't. I also can't be a one-amazingly-insightful-post-a-day blogger. I've tried that too but there's nothing there.

I believe I've actually blogged about this dilemma before, which is rather pathetic when you think about it :) I'm sure some eager beaver will find the post. What would make it sadder is if it was last month some time and I just forgot about it.

If I were a here's-the-latest-in-my-life blogger, this post would look something like this:

  • Last Tuesday my uncle passed away. We had the burial Thursday afternoon and I took that day and Friday off to be with family and friends. My brother flew back into town for the funeral, and it was an opportune time for him to reconnect with BrainyBoy and Tink, who he hasn't seen for about a year and a half.

  • Friday we went to the mountains and spent the days with Laura's parents, her cousin and the cousin's family. Went picnicking at Metcalf Bottoms and hiked up to the schoolhouse and back. The kids had a great time playing "school" in the old schoolhouse, then splashed about in the creek for an hour.

  • Saturday we visited the UT Vet School open house and saw a number of exhibits and animals shows - dogs, cats, birds, horses, farm animals, everything to make a couple kids and a couple kids-at-heart happy.

  • Lazy afternoon yesterday for the most part. Our church has started a monthly contemporary service on Sunday evenings that so far hasn't failed to put a nice cap on the week.

  • Our AC is out, on the first truly hot week of the year. It's not summer-hot, but hot enough to be uncomfortable in the house during the afternoon. The service guy won't be able to look at it until Wednesday, so we'll have to live with open windows and constantly running fans.

  • We now have a third cat in the house. My uncle's cat needed a new home, so we took him in. His name is Fizban, to go with Tas and Skie. You do the Googling :) I'll have pictures soon.

  • What the FRAK is going on with Battlestar Galactica?? "All Along the Watchtower?"??? They must be picking up transmissions from Earth, but not knowing the song or what it means, they don't recognize it. But we do. Frakkin' brilliant!

    But this "no new episodes until 2008" is ridiculous, I don't care if we do get some kind of 2-hour TV movie in December.

So that's my week. You tell me, and don't be afraid, was that of actual interest to anyone? Does it make a difference if you know me and know my life and situations? I can't imagine that's of much interest to anyone beyond my immediate circle and the bloggers I've known for a good while.

I'm struggling to define my blogging existence, and this will help.